Top 3 product stewardship software solutions

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What is product stewardship software?


The terms Product stewardship software and Extended Producer Responsibility (EPR) software are sometimes used interchangeably. It helps you comply with regulatory requirements by tracking, reporting and analyzing your product data. These tools simplify your processes, streamline compliance, and empower you to protect the health of your workforce and consumers.

Through data collection, aggregation and reporting, these platforms help you simplify complex processes and meet regulatory requirements for your products.

With product stewardship, you can minimize the environmental impact of your product at all stages of its lifecycle, from raw material extraction to waste and disposal. You can help your R&D and sustainability teams better manage risks in product design, regulatory compliance, and supply chain management. These tools enable you to bring your cross-functional teams together to meet global regulatory obligations for products and supply chain continuity.

Why is product stewardship software so important?


By rethinking their products and their relationships with suppliers and customers, manufacturers can dramatically increase productivity, reduce costs, drive product and market innovation, and provide greater value with less environmental impact. Reducing the use of toxic substances, developing products that can be reused and recycled, and implementing take-back programs are just a few of the many ways companies can make their products more environmentally friendly.

Product stewardship software plays an important role in improving collaboration, compliance, change management, efficiency and business continuity.


With product stewardship software, you can increase productivity by managing collaboration between your cross-functional teams in real time.


The software solution is updated with the latest global regulations, standards and requirements so you can ensure and monitor your product compliance. You can also gather information from your suppliers about products and materials and ensure that issues such as human trafficking, responsible sourcing, and health and safety are addressed. This also reduces supply chain risks and addresses supply chain due diligence.

Managing change

With all the changes taking place with companies, products, suppliers and regulations, it can be difficult for your teams to stay up to date. Product Stewardship Software provides content to help you stay on top of these changes.


The platform streamlines and automates processes so you can complete important and tedious tasks efficiently, accurately, and in a timely manner.

Business continuity

Product stewardship software supports business continuity by integrating with external systems.

What are the most common features of product stewardship software?

Effective product stewardship software solutions have advanced features that simplify processes, improve your products, and promote collaboration between teams.

Compliance management

To stay compliant, you need to monitor and track new and updated regulations by country and jurisdiction with notification emails and dashboards.

You can review the safety of chemicals you have purchased from third parties and ensure you are in compliance with workplace chemical regulations. We can also help you collect, formalize and submit the data you need to comply with REACH, ROHS and TSCA requirements.

Data Collection and SDS Authoring

To be efficient, you need to automate and aggregate data collection from multiple systems to consolidate the information into a single report. This process supports the creation of Safety Data Sheets (SDSs) and disclosure compliance for your company.

Compliance and material tracking

By linking product stewardship software with materials management, you can identify critical product components and track materials throughout the supply chain. It also helps you ensure product safety and regulatory compliance during procurement, production, and disposal.

Supplier Manager

Comprehensive product stewardship platforms offer programs such as supplier risk management and audits to ensure your ESG and operational risks are well calculated.

Supply chain continuity

To maintain supply chain continuity and promote supplier sustainability, you need to effectively engage your global suppliers. With product stewardship software solutions, you can enable comprehensive supplier profile management, risk assessment and mitigation, and improve supplier performance. The tool also helps reduce manual effort for product questionnaires and increase accuracy and integrity while you create data consistency.


The platform can be deployed both on-premise and in the cloud to provide credible, verifiable data, automated compliance processes, integrated compliance solutions and improved communications.

Who are the most frequent buyers of product stewardship software?


Manufacturers, retailers, and consumers must all participate in the product stewardship process to find the most feasible and cost-effective solutions.

Product stewardship professionals recognize that manufacturers must take on new responsibilities to reduce the environmental footprint of their products. However, real change cannot always be achieved by manufacturers alone: retailers, consumers and the existing waste management infrastructure must help find the most viable and cost-effective solutions for each product system.

Companies that incorporate sustainability principles into their design and procurement processes can protect their brand reputation and drive growth.


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