Science Based Target Network

Written By Sarah Diekmeyer

What is the Science Based Target Network (SBTN) ?


The Science Based Targets Network (SBTN) is a global coalition of leading NGOs and mission-driven organizations that builds off of SBTi initiatives which work together to provide assistance to businesses and cities by providing them with resources on how to create science-based targets based on the objectives of the Paris Agreement. Setting targets through the SBTN ensures organization that they are doing enough to reduce emission and abide by the Earth’s planetary boundaries.

The SBTN will assist organizations in establishing a clear roadmap to guarantee that they are doing enough across their value chains to accurately evaluate and report on their environmental impacts.

The SBTN is part of the Global Commons Alliance, which brings together strong leaders, technology, science, innovation and communications to transform the world’s economic systems and set targets in line with the Earth’s limits. The Global Commons Alliance is a partnership which comprises 50 of the world’s most innovative organizations in philanthropy, science, business and advocacy. 

Who are the Science Based Target Network members?


There are more than 45 organizations which are members of the SBTN, some of which are also the same organizations behind the SBTi. These organizations range from The Nature Conservancy, WWF and CDP for example. A full list of SBTN partners can be found on the SBTN official website here


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