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Built-in frameworks & standards (CDP, GRI, TCFD, SASB, SDGs) | Climate risk management | ESG risk management | GHG emissions management | Supports SBTi



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Boston, United States

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LogicManager provides risk management solutions to customers around the world, from North America to Europe to Asia Pacific and beyond. Under pressure from the see-through economy, more companies are finding ways to justify ESG status and protect their disclosures from scrutiny by SEC.

Logic Manager offers an effective ESG program to meet transparency requirements, as well as certifications and evidence-based statements that can be confidently disclosed at SEC.

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Aerospace and Aviation, Utilities, Retail, Real Estate, Telecommunications and Postal services, Transport and Logistics, Pharmaceutical and Life Sciences, Oil and Gas, Mining and Metals, Manufacturing, High tech, Healthcare, Food and Beverage, Financial and Insurance services, Chemicals, Construction, Consumer Goods

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1000-5000, 5000-10000, 10000 and above

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Geo Coverage: Americas, Europe & Middle East

Geo Coverage: Americas

Geo Coverage: Europe & Middle East, Americas